August 01, 2018

Attention all Matcha and Honey-lovers!
Introducing Matcha Honey....our newest blend with benefit!


If you love honey and matcha, this blend is for you! Raw made-in-British Columbia, hand-creamed, raw honey blended with our Japanese, luxury-grade Green Gumption Matcha. 

175g pot of Matcha Honey, approximately 25 servings (1 tsp/ serving)


How to use Matcha Honey


This blend has an endless list of possible uses. Of course it goes brilliantly with our teas, but is also a great way to give your morning toast a boost! Use as an exotically-infused sweetener for smoothies. lemonades, sauces and baking. Alternatively you can just eat it straight out of the jar...yes, we do it regularly, it's that tasty :)   

About Harmony Hills Honey

Harmony Hills Honey Oval Wooden Sign
Harmony Hills Honey
is a small family-run apiary (bee farm 😊)in Kamloops, British Columbia. The apiary is a “closed” apiary meaning that their bees and Queens are not shipped in from outside countries rather they are raised by Harmony Hills Honey. The folks at Harmony Hills Honey “believe in fostering a stress-free environment” to prevent the issues plaguing the North American bee community such as disease and mite infestations. Their hives are also "caged" to keep them safe from bear visitors! 

beekeeper handling hiveshive with bees

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