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How to Make the Best Iced Tea: Flash-chilling vs. Cold Brewing

How to Make the Best Iced Tea: Flash-chilling vs. Cold Brewing

April 28, 2018

How to Make Iced Tea 

Summer. We all love those long, hot summer days but it can be challenging to get enough liquids intocold brew bottle with red top held up above lake your body to avoid dehydration. Water is always a great choice but there are alternatives that taste better and are just as good if not better for your health. ….thirst-quenching, tasty iced tea!

There are 2 ways to achieve easy iced tea, either flash-chilled or cold brewed.

What is Flash Chilling?

Involves brewing loose leaf tea (2x amount used for hot brew) with hot water to create a concentrated infusion. Once the brewing time has been met, the infusion is poured over ice and “flash-chilled”. 

What is Cold Brewing?

Does not involve hot water. Simply pour cold filtered water into a pitcher containing loose leaf tea leaves (1.5x amount for hot brew), cover and pop into the fridge overnight.






So which method is the right one for you? Check out these pros and cons... 




















Cold Brew Method

Flash Chill Method





Sweeter flavour, no bitterness

Takes time (4-12hrs)

Quick (5-10min)

Can be bitter if too much tea is steeped for too long

Better extraction results than flash chill

Roots contained in some blends (ie ginger/turmeric) need hot water to release beneficial compounds

Water is boiled if there are “safe cup” issues

Not as much flavour

Can be creative by blending teas



More loose tea required


The Verdict

Overall cold brewing may take more time but it is more forgiving if you put in too much of a blend or oversteep. Your results will never be bitter. The flavours can also be much more intense and sweeter with cold brewing, which is what we look for in a great iced tea. The good news is that if you’re in a hurry, flash-chilling is just as hydrating and you’ll be enjoying it in no time.

Non-caffeinated blends are fantastic low-sugar options for the kids too. You can always add a small amount of honey, apple juice or lemonade to any iced tea made from a non-caffeinated blend (such as rooibos, herbal or herb & fruit blends) to sweeten it up to taste. 

Check out the great  teaware we've sourced for your cold brewing and/or flash chilling needs...

Note: Always be sure to use quality ingredients. Filtered water, quality mashup teas and ice made from filtered water.

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