Holiday Blend Tea Tin with Reusable Cotton Teabag & Teaspoon

    Product Description

Looking for that special something to just let someone know that you're thinking of them? Tea is the perfect choice!

Just select your choice of blends from the drop-down list and we'll do the rest! 

* Each gift bag includes a 50g tin filled with one of our Fall/Christmas tea blends (enough for up to 25 cups) + 1 reusable cotton tea bag + one colourful "perfect cup" teaspoon. 

Want to add a hand-written note?... Once you're at your last stages of checkout, you have an option to add an order comment. Pop your message in that box and we'll add a handwritten note to your gift! 

    Gifting Giving Ideas

We think these are also some great people to give tea tins to, you'll become their favourite human!

  • co-workers: bit boring at work? shower some tea love on them! 
  • new mums: new babies get all the love...but new mums deserve a medal
  • volunteers: what would we do without people that volunteer their time so generously? Let them know they are appreciated with our seasonal teas!
  • newly retired: retirement can be a time of reflection and readjustment, let them know !
  • new house owners: new house= no tea, give them an assortment for their guests, like you! ;) 

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