Holiday Two-pack Tea Tin with Blue Leaf Infuser

    Product Description

Looking for that special something to just let someone know that you're thinking of them? Tea is the perfect choice!

* Each Package includes 2 x 20g of Holiday Black Tea and a Blue Leaf Infuser. (Enough for up to 40 cups)

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    Gifting Ideas

We think these are also some great people to give Tea Giftpacks to, you'll become their favourite human!

  • co-workers: bit boring at work? shower some tea love on them! 
  • new mums: new babies get all the love...but new mums deserve a medal!  Help her recharge with a relaxation blend like Snugglebug! 
  • volunteers: what would we do without people that volunteer their time so generously? Let them know they are appreciated with our seasonal teas!
  • newly retired: retirement can be a time of reflection and readjustment, let them know !
  • new house owners: new house= no tea, give them an assortment for their guests, like you! ;) 

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