About Our Teas...

BLENDS WITH BENEFITS...the mashup tea difference 

Here at mashup tea we believe in working to make things better, that's why we source Blends with Benefits. Blends that will leave you, source communities and the environment around those communities better than they were. 

How do we make things better?


Sourcing high-quality teas & tisanes that are of benefit to our customers' health

Staying healthy is too important to put things that are not good for you in your body. That's why carry blends that we know will benefit your body positively. Here is what we look for when selecting our teas and tisanes....

  • Peak-seasonal, hand-plucked, high-altitude sources where possible, luxury grade teas (top 10%)
  • Pesticide use: Wherever possible, teas are pesticide free. Certain highly elevated tea districts, such as Darjeeling or the Kenyan highlands, can support tea without pesticides since pests that typically attack tea cannot survive at the lofty altitudes. In cases where pesticides are used, our suppliers take great care to ensure all growers meet and exceed European Union or Japanese Minimum Residue Levels, the most stringent in the industry.
  • Strict quality control measures from the estate to customer:
    • Frequent estate/factory visits to ensure Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are followed.
    • Quality Assurance testing is an important part of our suppliers' Food Safety Program. Everything from chemical residue, to non-organic agricultural additives and product integrity is under close scrutiny. Continuous samples are taken pre-shipment and at arrival by approved experts, as well as hourly during in-house blending by 8 Master Tea Testers.
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial flavours/colours
  • No preservatives
  • No fumigation
  • No radiation
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
Whether its our health-forward turmeric or tulsi blends, our stimulating traditional teas or our expanding line of functional teas, we want our blends to contribute to you feeling great! 

Working exclusively with suppliers/growers/manufacturers that benefit source communities and the surrounding environment

mashup tea works with suppliers that are:  

  • members of the not-for-profit Ethical Tea Partnership, working to create a “thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable." 
Quality teas are Hand-Plucked... which goes hand in hand with social and environmental sustainability.

Due to the mountainous terrain and high altitude of the world's leading growing regions, such as Darjeeling, Sri Lanka or Kenya, luxury teas must be hand-plucked. This means that for most of the world's luxury teas, and virtually all of our suppliers' products, the harvesting process consumes very little fossil fuel and releases virtually no CO2.
One notable anomaly to this trend is Japan, where exceptional green teas are typically harvested by machine.

    ~Supplier Checklist for Estates and Factories ~

    (those not meeting these standards are immediately taken off supplier list)

    Fair Treatment & Trading            

    • Zero tolerance for child & slave labor
    • Free medical care, housing and education
    • Fair compensation for workers
    • Respect for the labor force
    • Good community relationships
    • Reinvestment in infrastructure 

    Sustainable Habitat Conservation practices are also encouraged as sound Environmental Management Systems tend to produce the best grade teas.

    Feel good about the quality and source of your blends!  



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