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Build your own MashBox Pick n' Mix 10!


Can't decide on which tasty teas to choose? We can help you have it all!

Whether you are choosing teas for yourself or as a gift, our "Build A TeaBox" is the answer. Choose your favourite "top 10" teas or choose a selection for a friend. The best part about this large mashbox is that you'll have lots to share. That'll make you a pretty popular human! 

Want to add a hand-written note?... Once you're at your last stages of checkout, you have an option to add an order comment. Pop your message into the order comments box and we'll add a handwritten note to your gift! 

*Please note that our luxury "posh tea" line is not included in this mashup. 

* Each MashBox Pick n' Mix 10 includes 10 x 25g pouches of tasty tea (enough for up to 12 cups of each tea)

*No Tax


We think these are also some great people to give teaboxs to, you'll become their favourite human!

  • co-workers: bit boring at work? shower some tea love on them with a sharebox for the office! 
  • new mums: new babies get all the love...but new mums deserve a medal!  Help her recharge with an assortment of renewing ayurvedic and relaxation blends! 
  • volunteers: what would we do without people that volunteer their time so generously? Let them know they are appreciated with our seasonal teas!
  • newly retired: retirement can be a time of reflection and readjustment, and a new assortment of teas can make the process much more enjoyable!
  • new house owners: new house= no tea, give them an assortment for their guests, like you! ;) 

    * Each MashBox Pick n' Mix 10 includes 10 x 25g pouches of tasty tea (enough for up to 12 cups of each tea)



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