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Spring TeaBox Mashup

Rejuvenating spring has begun! Indulge in the tastes and aromas of spring with this ecclectic trio of spring blends! Guaranteed to lift those winter blahs!

3 pouches containing 25g of each tea, enough for up to 10 cups of each!

TEA 1 | SAKURA BLOSSOM TEA (ORGANIC) 25g | up to 10 cups

Experience Spring in Japan where the springtime breeze is filled with the aroma of sweet cherry blossoms! Wake up your senses from their long winter sleep with an exotic, organic blend of cherry, rose and Sencha green tea filled to the brim with healthy anti-oxidants! Feel the power of the flower! 

INGREDIENTS: Japanese Sencha Green Tea, Rose Petals and Natural flavours (Organically certified)


TEA 2 |SPRING MARKET BLEND  25g | up to 10 cups

A Spring Market reminder!

Memories of a crisp Saturday morning at the Farmers Market along with all the fresh, juicy, and sweet tastes of Spring leap from this cup. Don't miss out on this tea as it's only around for Spring!   
Cup characteristics: Brisk, crisp, sweet and fruity...a juicy mosaic brimming with tart summer fruit, rounded by fall harvest vegetal flavours. A market basket in a cup! 

INGREDIENTS: Apple + Rosehip + HIbiscus + Tomato pieces, Cucumber + Apple + Lemon + LIme + Orange slices, Natural flavours.


TEA 3 | MANGO TANGO BLACK TEA   25g | up to 10 cups

Celebrate spring with this tropical black tea over ice! 

Indulge in the sweet, juicy, tropical flavours of this high quality tea and your day will be a breeze with Mango Tango on your mind!  Stunning over ice!

Cup characteristic: fresh, piquant mango character with memories of happy days in the sun. 

INGREDIENTS: Ceylon Black Tea, Mango pieces, Lime leaves, Calendula + Sunflower petals, Natural flavours.


98%+ Ethical Tea Partnership, Exceptional or Rare Tea, HACCP Certified



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